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Fabric or Leather? How to Choose..

CHITA offers a wide selection of fabrics, as well as top-grain and vegan leathers. Each material has its own benefits; selecting the right one depends on personal preference. If you can’t decide between leather or fabric, buy both. Decorating with mixed materials creates balance and depth.

Read the guide below to help with your decision. If you have additional questions reach out to our customer care team. 


Fabrics come in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures from your everyday linen-look to bold velvets. Fabrics tend to be warmer and softer than leather and quickly make a space feel cozy and inviting.

All CHITA covers have been selected for their design, softness, and durability. Most of our fabrics are polyester blends, which is one of the strongest upholstery fabrics. Polyester resists wrinkling, stains, and fading and can stand up to the daily use. We also offer performance fabrics that have a protective finish that makes them stain resistant, water repellent and easy to clean.

Shop with confidence. All CHITA fabrics are OEKO-STANDRAD certified, meaning they are free from hazardous toxins and safe for human health.


CHITA leathers have a pigmented topcoat that enhances its stain and water-resistant qualities and offers a uniform appearance in color and texture. Our protected leathers are popular for families with kids and pets. Since leather does not accumulate as much dust fabric, it is a great option for people with allergies. Some of our products feature a leather-match on the sides and backs.

Leather upholstery is extremely durable and will hold up to everyday use. With the right care and treatment, it can last a lifetime.

Note: Leather is a natural material. Each hide has its own share of scratches, healed scars, wrinkles and stretch market. These are not flaws, rather natural signature marking that are the benchmark of fine leather.  

Vegan Leather

Vegan of “faux” leather offers the look, feel and texture of real leather without the price. They are made from synthetic materials, making them extremely durable and easy to clean. Vegan leather has come a long way over the years; it is often hard to differentiate it from the real thing.  

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