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Save 20% on CHITA Mattress, Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear customers,

This is the only official website that is owned by chitaliving and we have been preparing for a long time. Many customers have known us through the Amazon store “chitaliving”. We want to thank everyone for loving our products.

Customer experience has always been a matter of great importance to us. We also promise that we will only provide good furniture with high quality and moderate prices to everyone who likes us.

Here are some questions and answers we thought you need:


Q: Can I buy products on this website now?

A: As we announced in the announcement bar, preliminary preparations are taking time, and we have not done enough on the website design as well as the content. Please forgive us, but we can guarantee that all products in this website are exactly the same as the products currently sold on Amazon, and there is no quality difference. In addition, we will release all the information you may need to know during shopping on the 15th October, so that your shopping is convenient and enjoyable. At that time, we will have preferential activities for opening. You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter or directly send us an email via, and we will notify you as soon as possible.

So our answer is that if you are really in a hurry, you can place an order directly. We think the current web page information is enough for you to buy, because our shipment preparations are timely.


Q: How do I calculate the delivery fee to my area?

A: The postage will be determined according to the weight of the box.Currently we will cover the postage except for some other condition like your order is in Puerto Rico, Alaska and other areas where delivery is difficult.


Q:What if I have an issue during or after my delivery?

A:Contact Chita by for Returns & Exchanges, or other questions.


Q:If I see a product which has no stock and I do want to buy it immediately, can I place an order directly?

A: Normally we suggest you contact us via to check the inventory information cause the system is debugging, but all the products that have been released online are basically in stock, if you really want to buy, you can place an order directly, and we will answer your question immediately.