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  • Barstool Buying Guide

    For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Thus, the counter becomes a place for breakfast, homework, and parties on the weekend. So finding the right barstool is extremely important. CHITA barstools offer style, functionality, and durability to meet all your seating needs. 

  • Fabric or Leather? How to Choose..

    Each material has its own benefits; selecting the right one depends on personal preference. If you can’t decide between leather or fabric, buy both. Decorating with mixed materials creates balance and depth.



Modern stools are one of the most adaptable seating options available. At CHITA, we have a large selection of mid-century modern stools that will work in any setting. Now, let's come down to knowing what to look for when selecting the best one for you.
MCM stools are typically available in three sizes.

· The shortest is chair height, which is 18-20 inches and is suitable for most kitchen tables. See more Dining Chairs.

· The counter height ranges from 24-26 inches. Consider island kitchens or apartment peninsulas.

· Finally, bar height ranges from 28 to 30 inches. These are typical tiki bar or sports cave selections.

When looking for the perfect modern stools, take into account the dimensions as well as their placement in your home. Another critical aspect is their application. Choose a low-maintenance material, such as leather or wood, if your stools will be used to serve food. When compared to their upholstered fabric counterparts, this will make cleanup quick and easy.