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How To Choose The Perfect Accent Chair To Complement Your Room

An accent chair is an incredible way to breathe life, add sophistication, and inject a pop of color into any room. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping piece in your bedroom or just want to provide additional seating to entertain guests in the living room, an accent chair is exactly what you need.

However, picking the right armchair is much more than what looks nice to you — it is a decision that involves close consideration of the function it will offer, the location where it will be placed, and the theme, ambiance, and tone you’re looking to create. So, to help narrow the choices and guide the decision process, we’ve rounded up a list of important things you can view and plan beforehand.


Types of Accent Chairs

The perfect accent chair is one that represents interest through its pattern, color, and style while enhancing the beauty and aesthetics of your interior. Keeping that in mind, below is a list of the most popular types known to be packed with the qualities of an accent chair.

  • Mid-century modern chair: Typically a simple, retro, and classic design, such as the Esme Mid-century armchair, that brightens up your space with its vibrant colors.
  • Chesterfield chair:A commonly seen design characterized by deep button tufting and equal back & arm heights.
  • Swivel chair: A practical yet more compact design that builds visual interest through its unique structure, like the Wren swivel armchair.
  • Tuxedo chair: Having a high back and arms along with a sleek, tailored frame, a Tuxedo chair looks amazing as a loveseat.
  • Slipper chair: Often referred to as armless chairs, slipper chairs have a streamlined design and work great in small rooms. An upholstered armless chair can also be used to add appeal in a sterile entryway.
  • Barrel chair: The design commonly includes an upholstered and slightly curved back, with comfort being the key element. Going for a pick like a forest green Ambre swivel barrel accent chair can uplift your interior with the natural and appealing aura it creates.


How To Choose The Right Accent Chair?

While the infinite styles, colors, and materials might overwhelm you, asking yourself the following questions will definitely ease the confusing decision-making process.

How Will You Use The Chair?

If the chair, for example, will be in the bedroom, it will probably be used for purposes like getting dressed, presenting your throws displayed in fancy folds, or maybe even draping clothes on busy mornings.

Alternatively, if the chair is to be placed in a library or living room, it’d be better to look for more comfy options that are also capable of withstanding wear and tear. One such option is the CHITA swivel accent chair that our customer absolutely loved for its style, comfort, and functionality!

CHITA Funiture Review
Emma Accent Chair gently swivels and @rachelparker_blog creates a wonderful reading corner


What Size Will Be Appropriate?

The size of your accent chair depends on the size of the room and the rest of the furniture in the room. A good rule of thumb is to pick an option that sits approximately at the same height as the other chairs or sofas.

What Fabric Will Suit Your Needs?

If you have pets or kids, you’d want to avoid hard-to-clean options and opt for durable materials like microfiber or linen. But if your accent chair is more like a decorative piece in some place like a hallway, you can consider choices like velvet and suede.

Additionally, make sure to look for an option that contrasts with the material of the rest of the furniture. For example, leather will look great if your sofas are upholstered with velvet.

What Color Should You Choose?

Depending on the design style you’ve chosen, you can look for inspiration from the compilation below.

Minimalistic: As this style is determined by a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, and natural light, a blue accent chair, such as the Aria swivel arm accent chair, is the perfect way to add a punch of color without disrupting the minimalistic theme.

Mid-century: To fully enhance the natural, practical, and bold interior of a mid-century room, try pairing a comfortable dark blue Kinslee mid-century accent chair with an olive green sofa.

Eclectic: Mixing various prints, patterns, and textures is the foundation of an eclectic design. This explains why choices like a Luna swivel accent chair can complete the joyful look of your vibrant interior.

Bohemian:  Options that include a touch of nature, such as the Henry swivel accent chair with a wooden base, are best to enhance the nature-inspired interior of a Boho room.


We love how @joegallohome paired the wood element of Henry Accent chair with the natural greenery, looks so harmonious!


How To Style A Bold Accent Chair?

Though styling beige accent chairs, like the Logan modern armless accent chair, is easier compared to bright options like shades of green, just a little forethought and planning can help strike a stunning look even with your favorite bold green pieces!

One of the sure-fire ideas is to pair a beautiful dark green Wren modern swivel accent chair with white sofas. You can then perfect the look by decorating with green cushions, a gold coffee table, and a golden sunburst wall hanging to tie the look together.

Pro Tip: Working with shades like copper, khaki, or tan will do the trick too. This means there are various ideas and styles you can choose from to make sure you curate a look that complements your taste and personality — without having to compromise on the high-quality, beautiful green accent chair your heart is set on!

Matching inspiration from our real customers


Worth a try!

One of the basics of good design is to beautifully balance function and form — and the good news is that an accent chair can always lend an effective helping hand!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite article from the aforementioned list, coordinate it with the factors that assist you in making the best choice, and give your home an instant facelift!

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