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How to Create a Rustic Look in Your Home with Furniture

Defined by ruggedness and natural beauty, the rustic design style introduces a classic and timeless look to your home. It focuses on creating a relaxing atmosphere using natural materials and other organic elements. In terms of furnishings, the rustic design style pronounces the character of each piece — adding a punch of personality to your interior.

This article is your quick guide on how to create a rustic look in your home with furniture, so you can achieve the purpose with just a few new furnishings!

Choose The Right Hues

One of the easiest ways to add a subtle touch of the rustic style is by choosing warm colors. Mostly, these are inspired by nature — think dark green from leaves, earthy browns from mud, and gentle oranges from sunset skies. Grays, as well as combinations of fall colors, also do the trick.

In that regard, an dark gray armchair from CHITA furniture will be the perfect match. In addition to incorporating a rustic touch, it blends very easily with any color to create a harmonious decorative atmosphere.

The neutral color palette of Esme Armchair is perfect for rustic style. Inspiration credit @aly.elledesign


Downsize Where You Can

In vintage and cottage-style homes, you are likely to find smaller, compact furnishings instead of larger, more contemporary ones. While downsizing your family seating area may not be a practical idea, you should consider the option where possible. For example, provide seating in your foyer with a compact ottoman instead of a two-seater.

Delaney Storage Ottoman


Use Natural Textures

Make the ambiance of your interior welcoming by adding natural textures. Because these are inspired by nature, they also help add a rustic touch. For furniture pieces, we recommend going big on wood — the ultimate element defining the vintage design style. Add a modern twist by mixing in leather, as seen in the bar stools featured below. Other natural textures to look for in furniture pieces include wicker, fur, and cork.

Add some vintage mood to your kitchen with Olivia counter stools. Inspiration credit @thecoupleacrewood


Add Characterful Furniture Pieces

The rustic design style is all about pronouncing the character in your furniture pieces. So, be sure to add personality and drama through furnishings. One of the best ways to achieve the purpose is by incorporating accent chairs, such as the Wren swivel accent chair in burnt orange featured below.


Add Asymmetry

The beauty of the rustic style is rooted in imperfections — and an easy way to add these is with asymmetry. There are multiple ways to do so, for example:

  • Place unique armchairs at the ends of your dining table. If both of these are different but complementary, you can add a beautiful sense of asymmetry.
  • Opt for asymmetrical furniture placements. You can do this by placing furnishings diagonally, either towards a focal point or in corners.
  • Place high furnishings on one end of the room and lower furnishings on the other end.
  • Create mismatched furniture sets. For example, you can pair a bright-hued three-seater with a more neutral-hued two-seater.

The asymmetrical balance created by these ideas helps add a beautiful touch of rusticity to your interior.

Inspiration credit @farmtotablecreations



Additional Tips To Create A Rustic Look In Your Home

If you’d like to add the rustic style in other ways, too, here are a handful of tips to keep in mind in addition to the furnishing ideas above.

  • Toss in plenty of soft furnishings. From throw pillows and cushions to draperies and blankets, there are a plethora of textures to add — and each of them makes your home a little more rustic.
  • Use wood wherever you can — especially for the flooring. Distressed woods are a great option for the ultimate rustic look.
  • Add a fresh layer of paint. This is especially useful if your current interior appears tired and needs an upgrade. For the colors, warm hues are the way to go!

If you’re looking for a modern twist to your rustic decor, consider adding geometric shapes and sleek patterns. This can be as easy as choosing these prints for your bedding, upholstery, or cushion covers.


Final Words

Using the above-mentioned tips, you can create a subtly rustic interior. The number of ideas — and how deeply you incorporate them — depends on the level of rusticity you’re looking for. If you aim for a subtly vintage interior, using a few of the furniture ideas will do the trick. If you’re after a more rustic look, use the additional tips, too.

What are your favorite ideas for creating a vintage interior? Share them with us in the comments area below!

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