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Fall Decor Lookbook: Stylish Trends You'll Love in 2023

The arrival of fall brings excitement for transforming your home into a cozy, inviting space that reflects the season's spirit. As we approach fall 2023, home decorators anticipate the most stylish trends defining autumn décor this year. From dramatic black accents to velvety furnishings, particular looks are expected to dominate fall decorating.

Before diving into trends, it's helpful to understand what defines a home decor trend compared to a classic style. Trends gain popularity for some time but eventually fade. They capture the current zeitgeist through reactive, sometimes overstated expressions of style. Classics, on the other hand, retain their design appeal year after year. Traditional styles that emphasize fine craftsmanship and materials are considered classics. Knowing the difference helps when evaluating trends.

At their core, trends aim to make a splash at the moment, while classics seek enduring longevity. Trends appeal to those interested in what's new and next, having fun with experimental looks without commitment. Classics satisfy those preferring sophisticated, familiar aesthetics. This makes it tricky when a trendy aesthetic starts becoming mainstream. Generally, if a look maintains relevance for 10+ years, it transitions into a classic style.

This fall, expect to see color palettes rich in atmosphere yet casually inviting. Deep wine-like burgundies pair dramatically with warm beiges and earth tones. Look for sage and olive greens, which connect to nature while offering a sophisticated mood. Burnished oranges and russets reflect fall's harvest spirit. Accent your palette with energizing hits of ochre, mustard, or paprika. Follow the seasonal cues of foliage transforming outside your window.

Henry Accent Chair
Henry Accent Chair has a calm autumn vibe. @paintandpeony

Elevate With Strategic Black Accents

Black may seem like a bold choice for fall, but using it minimally creates a striking contrast. Try black and white pillows on a neutral couch, a black mirror frame above a rustic console, or miniature black vases holding textured dried blooms. Wrought iron furnishings or lighting fixtures make ideal black accents. For balance, limit black accents to one or two eye-catching spots so they stand out thoughtfully.

Jolie Accent Chair
Jolie Accent Chair adds a lovely, homey feel to the space.@paolaa.lifedecor

Benefits of Earthy Neutral Tones

The hygge-inspired living room style, with its earthy neutrals, natural textures, and emphasis on comfort and coziness, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere perfect for spending chilly fall evenings curled by the fireplace. Earthy neutrals like beige, tan, brown, and cream offer a comforting, familiar feeling that is perfect for fall. These grounded tones connect to the natural world, evoking sun-warmed earth, weathered wood, and cozy textiles. Incorporate earth tones through furniture, pillows, rugs, and accessories for a warm ambiance. Use tactile, natural materials like linen, jute, leather, and wool in neutral hues to deepen the welcoming vibe.

Donella Accent Chair
Such a hygge vibe! (ft. Donella Accent Chair) @sonelymateo

Velvet Furnishings for Luxurious Warmth

Few materials embody luxurious warmth like velvet, elevating any space to new heights of sophistication. Velvet lends itself to furnishings like couches, armchairs, headboards, and ottomans. Look for crushed or ribbed velvet to add an appealing texture. Introduce velvet subtly through plush throw pillows or drapes in jewel tones. Velvet's indulgent feel provides cozy elegance as temperatures drop.

When assessing home trends, incorporate them thoughtfully to enhance your existing style. Add trendy accents in versatile ways allowing easy updating later - framed prints swapping out easily, throw pillows changed with seasons. Arrange trendy and classic pieces together in pleasing vignettes for balanced appeal. Most importantly, embrace trends that bring you joy - fall is the perfect season for personal style and cozy spaces.

Esme mid-century sofa
If you like that retro vibe too... We recommend Esme mid-century sofa! @kristenhoff

When evaluating home decor trends, proceed with care - not every trend aligns with your taste or lifestyle. First, take stock of your current decor style. Are you drawn to modern, minimalist looks or traditional, ornate aesthetics? This establishes your foundation. Next, observe trend forecasts and pinpoint elements that appeal to you. Look for versatile ways to incorporate these as accents within your rooms tastefully.

It's also important not to go overboard mixing too many themes or trends simultaneously. Choose one or two trends maximum as focal points so your decor is manageable.

Arranging your trendy picks thoughtfully among classic antiques or vintage finds creates an eclectic look with broad appeal. Try small doses of on-trend items like whimsical throw pillows or limited-edition art prints that can be switched out later. Experiment with removable updates like peel-and-stick wallpaper or swapping lamp shades to refresh your space without a major commitment. Thoughtfully blending key trendy touches into your existing decor allows you to incorporate of-the-moment style while showcasing your unique taste.

For budget-friendly ways to embrace trends, focus on accessories, artwork, textiles, or smaller décor items that pack visual impact. Add a bold black and white graphic rug, install a chic light fixture, or update lamp finials and knobs on furniture. If your style is more muted, inject trends through art, pillows, or other removable pops of color and pattern.

Use decorative elements! @ourhighlandshome

Repurposing or refinishing furniture also opens possibilities. Sand and paint an old dresser in the popular green shade of the season, or reupholster a chair in velvety fabric. If the wallpaper feels too bold, apply removable wall stickers in trendy botanical or geometric patterns instead. Thoughtfully mixing trend-driven accents and artwork among your existing furnishings creates a personalized fall look.

FAQs About Fall Decorating

Q1: How can I give my fall decor a fresh look this year?

Rather than pulling out all the same autumn items, try new trends like bold black accents, earthy terra cotta tones, or abstract fall foliage art. Change textures and materials, too - velvet and linen offer fresh takes on fall coziness.

Q2: What are some budget-friendly ideas for fall decor?

Utilize nature's free bounty by displaying pinecones, acorns, dried leaves, or apples in simple bowls or jars. Pick a new accent color like mustard or olive green, and incorporate it through inexpensive pillows and throws. Paint and stencil affordable wood signs for custom wall art.

Good news! Please mark your calendars for our biggest sale of the year! From August 20th through September 4th, we'll offer incredible discounts storewide for Labor Day. It's the perfect time to get a head start on your fall shopping.

Q3: When should I start decorating my home for fall?

It's always early enough to get excited about fall decorating! People begin switching home decor to autumnal accents in late September once stores showcase seasonal displays. But if you adore fall, decorate your heart out anytime the mood strikes.

Welcome to autumn! (ft. Lucas Mid-century Sofa@our.pretzer.home

Final Takeaways

This fall, create inviting spaces that balance classic, timeless elements with touches of trendy décor in fun colors and prints. Look for versatile ways to incorporate trends through removable accessories, artwork, textiles, and furniture updates. Assess trends thoughtfully and embrace ones that align with your lifestyle and taste. Most importantly, allow your decor this season to reflect styles and palettes that fill your spirit with joy.

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