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Accent Chairs: Welcoming Personality And Purpose Into Any Space

Accent chairs are like the jewelry of the furniture world - they add personality, color, and purpose to any room. Strategically placed accent chairs can bring style and comfort to otherwise empty spaces in your home while providing additional, much-needed seating for guests.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of accent chairs and how to choose the right styles, fabrics, and placement to elevate the design of your space. We will also provide tips on proper maintenance and care for your investment accent chairs. After reading, you'll be ready to welcome accent chairs into your home with confidence and style.

Accent Chairs

Understand Your Accent Chairs

Accent chairs, also known as occasional chairs, are upholstered or wooden chairs that complement existing furniture in a room. Unlike bulky couches or sectionals, accent chairs have a smaller footprint while still providing ample seating. Their purpose is purely functional - to provide additional, flexible seating in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and more.

Beyond function, accent chairs allow you to layer personality into your space through unique shapes, bold patterns, and textures. They provide an opportunity to showcase your design aesthetic in a more affordable and moveable way compared to larger furniture pieces. An accent chair with classic tufting or modern, sleek lines reflects your taste and pulls a room together.

When choosing and arranging accent chairs effectively, they can transform the atmosphere of a room. Thoughtfully placed chairs create inviting places for conversation, reading nooks, or serene spaces to enjoy a cup of tea. Accent chairs make a house feel like a home.

Accent Chairs
Four Wren accent chairs create a conversation corner. @meghanandmarco

Choosing the Right Style

With endless options for shapes, sizes, and fabrics, selecting an accent chair may seem daunting. Keep your existing decor and purpose for the seating in mind as you evaluate different styles.

Traditional vs. Modern: Do you want a classic accent chair or something more modern and streamlined? Traditional styles feature rolled arms, skirted bases, and tufted cushions reminiscent of English or French furniture. Modern chairs have clean lines and less ornamentation for a sleeker look. Choose an accent chair that fits the room's overall aesthetic.

Upholstered vs. Wood: Upholstered chairs provide softness and comfort with cushions and padded arms. They can be covered in leather, microfiber, linen, velvet, and more. Wood chairs offer firmness and structure. Styles range from curved spindle backs to square side chairs. Consider maintenance - upholstered chairs require more cleaning.

Accent Chairs

No matter your style, look for high-quality construction with durable frames and comfortable cushions. You want your accent chair to stand the test of time.

Comfort and Functionality

While accent chairs add style, they must also provide proper lumbar support for guests. Here are some features to look for to ensure your chairs are both beautiful and comfortable:

  • Lumbar support - Chairs should have adequate cushioning and back support. Avoid chairs with low or nonexistent backs.
  • Seat depth - Look for chairs 18-20 inches from front of seat to back so guests can sit comfortably without their legs hanging.
  • Seat width - Measure seat width to ensure it fits most average-sized guests. Around 20 inches allows two people to share a chair.
  • Armrests - Arms provide support for you to get in and out of a chair and a place to rest your arms while sitting.
  • Sturdy frame - The chair's frame should be made of strong hardwoods like birch or maple to prevent wobbling or buckling over time.
  • Quality cushions - Cushions made with high-density foam and secured with corner blocking provide lasting comfort and shape.

Pair your accent chair with a complementary side table. This provides a place to set drinks, books, or decor while keeping them within arm's reach. A nicely positioned light fixture overhead also enhances the chair's functionality.

Adding Personality

Beyond comfort, accent chairs allow you to infuse personality into a space. Have fun selecting unique chairs or fabrics to showcase your style. Here are some ways to make your chairs pop:

  • Fabrics - From vintage florals to faux leathers and suedes, fabric choice dramatically impacts the look of a chair. Upholstered chairs can easily be reupholstered down the road for an updated look.
  • Colors - Use bold and unexpected colors like emerald green or sapphire blue to create an eye-catching accent. Neutral chairs in grey, ivory, and camel are easier to match with existing decor.
  • Patterns - An oriental trellis print or geometric lattice pattern adds visual interest. Scale down big patterns on larger sofas to chair-size.
  • Textures - Layer in dimension with velvet, linen, chenille, tweed, or nubby fabrics. Contrast smooth and soft textures within a room.
  • Unique shapes - Search for distinctive silhouettes like a ball chair with a rounded shape or a chair with a dramatic curved back. Unusual shapes catch the eye.
  • Quirky details - Look for unique details like exposed wood legs, nailhead trim, funky chair legs, or tufted seat cushions to reflect your personality.
Accent Chairs

    The options are endless for creating a statement piece with your accent chair. The right chair can be as unique as you are.

    Placement and Arrangement

    Now comes the fun part - deciding exactly where to place your accent chairs! Proper placement focuses on promoting flow and conversation within a space.

    • Guiding traffic flow - Position chairs to guide movement through a room. Avoid blocking frequently used doorways or paths.
    • Promoting conversation - Cluster two chairs with a side table in between to create an intimate seating nook ideal for conversation.
    • Anchoring furniture - Place an accent chair near one end of a sofa or sectional to "anchor" the arrangement.
    Accent Chairs
    Inspiration Credit @meghanandmarco
    • Defining spaces - Use a pair of chairs to define sitting areas within larger open-concept rooms.
    • Filling empty spaces - Place chairs in previously unused corners or ends of a room to fill visual gaps.

    Take measurements to play with chair placement before bringing them into a room. Re-arrange and adjust to find the optimal flow and conversation areas. Don't be afraid to reposition chairs over time as needs and styles change.

    Maintenance and Care

    Investing in high-quality accent chairs means properly caring for them over many years of use. Here are some maintenance tips:

    Upholstered Chairs:

    • Vacuum cushions regularly using brush or upholstery attachments.
    • Spot clean stains immediately with a mild soap and water solution.
    • Steam clean or professionally shampoo upholstery every 1-2 years.
    • Rotate cushions to evenly distribute wear and re-fluff stuffing.
    • Add cushions back after cleaning to maintain shape.

    Wood Chairs:

    • Dust wooden frames, legs, and surfaces frequently using a microfiber duster.
    • Wipe spills up promptly with a slightly damp cloth.
    • Apply wood polish every few months to protect from scratches and watermarks.
    • Avoid placing in direct sunlight, which can fade finishes.
    • Add felt pads under the legs to prevent scratches on floors.

    With some simple care, your accent chairs will stay looking fresh for many years of welcoming guests.


    Well-chosen accent chairs uplift the design of any room by adding personality, purpose, and extra seating. Follow style and fabric choices that reflect your taste. Place chairs thoughtfully to enhance flow and draw guests in. With high-quality construction and materials, you can enjoy your investment accent chairs for decades to come.

    Strategically decorated with accent chairs, your home becomes a place for both comfort and personal expression. Accent chairs invite others in with style and warmth. With the tips in this guide, you can confidently introduce accent chairs into your home to welcome family, friends, and new memories for years to come.

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