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How to Find a Recliner With an Adjustable Headrest for the Perfect Fit?


  1. Introduction
  2. Consider Your Body Type and Needs
  3. Research Adjustable Headrest Options
  4. Check Store and Online Reviews
  5. Consider Your Budget
  6. Conclusion


There's nothing better than kicking your feet up and sinking into the plush cushions of a recliner at the end of a long day. But your recliner should provide proper head, neck, and lumbar support to truly relax in comfort. This is where an adjustable headrest makes all the difference.

This article will provide tips on key factors when shopping for a recliner with an adjustable headrest. We'll cover considering your body type, researching headrest features, reading reviews, testing in person, and setting a budget. Follow these guidelines to find the perfect recliner with a headrest tailored to your superior comfort and support needs.

Consider Your Body Type and Needs

Your height and specific back or neck issues should play a role in the type of adjustable headrest feature you look for in a recliner. Taller people will likely want a higher headrest to properly support their head and neck. For shorter individuals, lower headrest adjustments ensure the top doesn't hit the head or feel uncomfortable.

If you experience chronic back or neck pain, look for a recliner headrest that provides ample support and cushioning. Some allow you to tilt or pivot the headrest for additional pain relief. Prioritize proper alignment over reclining flatness if you have orthopedic concerns. Those who simply want to relax comfortably may be fine with basic height adjustability.

Research Adjustable Headrest Options

Once you determine your needs, research the different adjustable headrest mechanisms available. Manual adjustment involves a lever or buttons allowing you to raise or lower the headrest along a track to your desired position. This gives you total control over the height and angle.

Power adjustable headrests offer even more flexibility, utilizing controls that raise, lower, tilt, and pivot the headrest via advanced motors. This provides optimal support and customization while allowing you to change positions at the touch of a button.

Look for recliners offering a wide degree of headrest adjustment. This range will accommodate more body sizes. Some headrests also adjust forward and back for added comfort.

Check Store and Online Reviews

Reading reviews from other recliner shoppers can provide valuable insight into real-world experiences with the headrest adjustment features. Look for feedback about the ease of adjustability, sufficient height range, and how the headrest feels when napping or lounging positions.

Seek reviews confirming the headrest stays locked when reclined and doesn't slide down. Complaints about insufficient padding or support issues are also important to note during your research.

Consider Your Budget

Adjustable headrest recliners span a wide spectrum of budgets, ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand. Generally, expect to pay more for power adjustability, bigger brand names, and more robust reclining mechanisms.

Prioritize finding a headrest with an adequate adjustability range over extras like power features, storage, and premium leather. Focus your budget based on must-have comfort and support elements.


Finding a recliner with the ideal headrest adjustability can maximize comfort based on your body dimensions and support requirements. Take the time to test headrest height, angle, padding, ease of use, and overall fit.

Consult reviews but also rely on firsthand testing of manual and power adjustment options. This will ensure selecting a recliner tailored to properly cradle your head and neck for hours of customized relaxation.

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