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How to Mix and Match Wood and Fabric to Create a Cohesive Look

If your home interior is due for a design update, it’s time to leverage the aesthetic appeal of layering different materials. Doing so creates visual interest, diversifies textures, and makes the space appear more inviting.

One way to achieve the purpose is by layering the two top materials: wood and fabric. Keep reading as we share CHITA LIVING’s top tips on how to mix and match wood and fabric to create a cohesive look. Also, keep an eye out for products to purchase. 

Pick Accent Chairs Using Wood and Fabric

One of the easiest ways of mixing and matching the two materials is by picking accent chairs using both materials. These are especially suitable options if you want the fabric to dominate the wooden elements.

In that regard, the Luna Swivel Accent Chair provides the opportunity to add a pop of color with its fabric, while the support underneath adds a controlled proportion of wood. If you’re looking to add a combination of faux leather and wood, the Logan Modern Armless Accent Chair provides the perfect blend. Finally, you can also add a seamless blend of velvet and wood with the Wren Modern Swivel Accent Chair.

Luna Swivel Accent Chair With Adjustable Backrest

Place any of these CHITA swivel accent chair in combination with your living room furniture set or as an individual piece in your bedroom, guest room, or even foyer for a stunning addition of wood and fabric.

Complement Wooden Elements With Soft Furnishings

If you’d like to use plentiful wood with a smaller amount of fabric, the flooring is your best friend. Use wood for the floor while keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Allow the flooring to form the dominant wood tone.
  • Add contrast with additional wood tones (choosing two to three additional ones). This can be done with accent chairs and bar stools — more on this in a minute.
  • Use soft furnishings as a barrier.

For the soft furnishings, begin by laying down rugs. You can use the fabric you prefer; from shag and velvet to chenille fabric, there are plenty of options. Using a rug is also a fantastic way to break up two different wood tones. Say, if your flooring tones don’t match with the wood of your furniture piece, the rug acts as a barrier and prevents the setup from looking jarring.

Moreover, you can create a beautiful contrast with the CHITA LIVING’s Kenna sofa — it comes in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your family and pairs wonderfully with wooden flooring to create a cohesive look.

Kenna Modular 4-Piece Sofa-Chaise Sectional

Add Diversity Through Decor Items

Layer wood and fabric in your interior by incorporating suitable decor items. For example, consider choosing from the following wooden decor items:

  • Vintage wooden chandelier
  • Wooden flowerpots
  • Mirrors with wooden frames
  • DIY decor like empty crates (may be doubled as storage cabins, too)
  • Wooden clocks

Proceed to pair these with furniture and decor items using different fabrics. Some of our top picks include:

  • Faux fur throws
  • Chunky-knit blankets
  • Rattan lampshades
  • Leather ottomans
  • Sateen bedding
  • Velvet couch
  • Cotton draperies
  • Fabric sofa

Use Bar Stools That Mix Wood and Fabric

Another fun addition to your home that allows the seamless blend of wood and fabric is CHITA bar stools. If you aim to achieve this mixture in your kitchen, you can easily pair them with the kitchen island. Alternatively, you can use them in other rooms of your home. For example, as a vanity seat in the bedroom or as accent seating when flanking the fireplace in the living room.

Whether you opt for the Lisa Swivel Counter Stool in faux leather or the Elija Bar Stool in fabric, you can diversify textures in your interior while keeping the look coherent!

Elija Bar Stool in fabric

Utilize Repetition

The secret to a perfectly cohesive interior is using subtle repetition throughout the room. This means adding one tone more than once. In that regard, using bar stools in a pair will do the trick. If you’re opting for a single piece, consider adding the wooden tones of the stool’s legs in other ways. In case the same tones can’t be found in the flooring and/or other furniture pieces, an easy way to achieve the purpose is by using artwork that utilizes similar colors and textures.

You also want to limit the number of materials you use. While plenty of different textures and colors are great for an eclectic-style interior, you may want to use a controlled number of materials to play it safe.

Final Words

Mixing and matching wood and fabric creates a visually interesting and welcoming interior, provided it is done right. Use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to create a cohesive look with the two materials — and surf through CHITA LIVING’s collection of products to find various pieces that can help you achieve the purpose like a pro!

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