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Recliner Bases Decoded: What Makes Rockers and Gliders Different?


  1. Introduction
  2. Major Differences Between Rockers and Gliders
  3. Similarities Between Rockers and Gliders
  4. Where to Buy Rockers and Gliders
  5. Deciding on the Right Style Recliner for You
  6. FAQ
  7. Conclusion


Recliners come in many styles, but rockers and gliders are two of the most popular bases. Both provide a soothing, relaxing motion along with reclining capabilities. But there are some critical differences between rocking and gliding recliner bases regarding the type of motion, noise level, effort required, and overall feel. Understanding the distinctions can help you decide which style best fits your needs and preferences.

Major Differences Between Rockers and Gliders

The significant difference between rockers and gliders lies in the base construction that enables the chair's distinctive motion.

Rocking recliners have a curved base that allows a back-and-forth rocking movement. The user powers the rocking motion by shifting their weight and using their legs to initiate the rocking movement. The amount of force applied determines the speed and range of the rocking action.

Gliding recliners have a flat base atop rails or tracks embedded within the base. This specially designed base construction allows for an easy, smooth gliding motion powered mechanically within the glider system. The gliding movement is consistent and gentle, relying on the mechanics of the base rather than the user's force.

The different base constructions also impact the noise levels and overall feel of rockers versus gliders. Rockers tend to be creakier and make more audible noise with rocking movement across the curved base. Gliders have quieter, more subtle motion thanks to their mechanical operations. The rocking also requires more effort from the user compared to the nearly effortless feel of gliding.

Similarities Between Rockers and Gliders

Though the bases differ, significantly, rockers and gliders share some key similarities. Both types provide soothing, repetitive motion that helps the user relax and unwind. The gentle rocking or gliding allows the body to release tension and anxiety.

Rockers and gliders come in diverse styles - from traditional designs to contemporary styles to cozy transitional looks. Shoppers can find their perfect fit whether their taste runs modern, classic, or somewhere in between.

The Tracee Power Recliner with its modern look is very popular.


In addition, rockers and gliders both integrate the ability to recline the chair's backrest. This allows customizing positions from fully upright to a lay-flat position for napping or sleeping. The pairing of adjustable reclining with rhythmic rocking or gliding makes rockers and gliders extremely comfortable.

Rocking and gliding recliners are also available in various sizes, from compact to oversized. Consumers can choose what suits their height, body size, and space requirements best. Customizable features like power adjustments, storage arms, and USB ports can enhance rocker and glider recliner designs.

Where to Buy Rockers and Gliders

Those in the market for a rocker or glider recliner have several purchasing options to consider:

  • Furniture Stores: Major furniture stores almost always carry many recliners, including rockers and gliders. Testing them in person is a great way to get a feel for the motion and comfort.
  • Online Retailers: Retailers like CHITA LIVING offer rocking and gliding recliners with a larger selection. And there are often many promotions.
  • Department Stores: Retailers sell affordable rocking and gliding recliners for residential spaces. The stock tends to be more limited than a dedicated furniture store.
  • Specialty Baby Stores: For nursery gliders, specialty baby stores and websites have a great selection designed with mothers and babies in mind.

Deciding on the Right Style Recliner for You

When trying to choose between a rocker or a glider, keep these critical considerations in mind:

  • Preferred types of motion - do you want the variable, bouncing motion of a rocker or the smooth consistency of a glider?
  • Noise level - gliders make less noise during use than creaky rockers.
  • Effort and desired activity level- rockers require lower body action, while gliders quickly move.
  • Size and footprint - rockers need extra room to accommodate the arching rocking base.
  • Style - availability of desired colors, fabrics, and aesthetics may differ. Test options to find your perfect fit.
  • Budget - gliders often cost more due to their complex mechanics. But quality rockers have price tags too.
  • Where it will be used - nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices have different needs.

    Taking time to test rocking and gliding motions in person can make a significant difference in deciding on the best recliner style for your particular needs and environment.


    Q: Which provides a smoother motion, rockers or gliders?

    A: Gliders typically have a smoother, more consistent gentle motion powered mechanically within the base. Rockers have more variable motion based on the force used to rock.

    Q: Does Chitaliving sell gliders?

    A: We specialize exclusively in gliders here at our company. Our gliders come in a variety of styles and provide a smooth, relaxing motion that makes them a popular choice for many customers.

    Q: Which one is quieter, rockers or gliders?

    A: Gliders tend to be quieter since their motion is mechanized. Rockers can creak and make more noise with the rocking motion.

    Q: Which one is better for a nursery?

    A: Gliders are commonly recommended for nurseries since their smooth, gentle motion helps lull babies to sleep. Their quiet operation also avoids waking sleeping babies.

    Q: Which one is better for back pain, rockers or gliders?

    A: Both can provide relief by allowing gentle rocking/gliding motions to relax the body. Rockers may allow for more customizable motion to target sore areas.

    Q: Which option costs more?

    A: High-end gliders generally cost more due to their complex mechanical components. But rockers can also get pricey for solid wood construction. There's a wide price range for both.


    When choosing between a rocking or gliding recliner, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Gliders provide smooth, quiet, mechanized motion that requires little effort, making them well-suited for nurseries and bedrooms. Rockers feature a bounce and sway powered by the user, allowing for more variation in motion but with potential noise.

    Both rocker and glider recliners can enhance relaxation in living spaces, bedrooms, and nurseries through their soothing rhythmic motions and reclining capabilities. Weigh your motion, noise, effort, and style priorities to decide which recliner base best fits your lifestyle and environment. With an understanding of the significant differences between rockers and gliders, you can choose which recliner will provide the ultimate comfort and tranquility.

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