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Selecting Furniture Colors That Work Well In An Open-Plan Space: Tips & Tricks

Open-plan spaces are incredibly versatile; they are brighter and lighter, great for entertaining, and allow plenty of flexibility in furniture layout and functionality. But to make the most of an open-plan space, it’s essential to curate a cohesive color scheme that adds a sense of style and comfort.

When it comes to the color palette, furniture plays an integral role. Whether you use neutral and earthy tones or bold and extravagant ones, furniture colors have the capacity to make or break your open-plan space.

Keep reading for the top tips and tricks on selecting furniture colors that work well in an open-plan space — so your interior is well-aligned with your taste yet cohesive!

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Choose Colors That Relate To Each Other

In homes with open-floor plans, it is essential to create flow with color. One way to do so is by choosing furniture colors that relate to the rest of the palette. You can either opt for:

  • Analogous colors: These are a combination any three colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. For example, yellow-orange, yellow, and yellow-green. One way to use this would be adding the Esme Mid-Century 3-seater Sofa(in green) to an open-plan space with a yellow/lime decor piece.
  • Complementary colors: These are the colors that are directly opposite each other on the 12-part color wheel. For instance, blue sits directly opposite orange. So, if your open-plan space has plenty of orange, a blue accent chair, like the Luna Swivel Accent CHITA Chair, will make for a great addition!

Consider The Style and Design Of The Open-Plan Space

The furniture colors you choose should be coherent with the style and design of the open-plan space. To achieve the purpose, pay attention to the wall and floor colors, and make sure to vary them in character and intensity.

For example, dark-colored furniture complements light-wooden flooring, making the interior feel dignified and harmonious. Think a Luckie CHITA Power Recliner Swivel Glider (in black) over light oak flooring and neutral-hued walls.

On the other hand, furniture pieces with subdued colors make for a perfect addition to otherwise dark color palettes. Consider adding Alina Modern CHITA Stools (in light grey) against dark brown floor in an open-floor kitchen plan.

Inspiration from CHITA verified customer


Incorporate The 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 rule states that the dominant color should be 60% of the color scheme in the open-plan space, the secondary color should be 30%, and the accent color must take up 10% of the palette.

Keep this rule in mind while selecting colors for furnishings. Generally, the dominant color is used for large furnishings (as well as the walls). If this color is a neutral in your scheme, you should make sure the main sofa sets use that hue. For example, the Delaney Modular CHITA Sofa (in cream) will look amazing against off-white/cream walls.

The secondary color should be found in smaller furnishings. Continuing our above example, this could be a Henry Modern Swivel Accent Chair in saddle brown. If you’re following an all-neutral color palette (except for the accent color), you can use grey and white bar stools and chairs instead.

Let Henry accent chair be the focal point in your living room!
Inspiration credit@thecoupleacrewood


Finally, the accent color must be incorporated through smaller accessories and decor details. Feel free to add a pop of hue here!

Define Open-Plan Spaces With Color

If your home has an open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen, the basic concept is to use the same palette through all three areas for a harmonious look. This helps keep the interior coherent.

However, a dash of color can be added through smaller furnishings. This not only adds visual interest, but also helps define each space distinctively. Say, you use neutral colors for the large sofa sets and dining chairs. In such a scenario, feel free to add bold color through the bar stools placed against your kitchen islands. You can also consider using different-hued armchairs for the dining table setting.

Asher Swivel Counter Stool in insignia blue. (Inspired by CHITA verified customer)


Understand The Lighting Levels In Different Areas

The furniture colors you choose also depend on the lighting levels present in their area of placement. For example, yellows and reds appear brighter and more natural in sunlight instead of artificial light. So, if you’re aiming for a bold pop of hue in your open-plan living space, placing a red CHITA accent chair near the window will do the trick.

Tip: Incandescent bulbs make colors appear warmer, while fluorescent bulbs make them appear cooler. You may want to keep this in mind while choosing the sofa colors under particular lighting fixtures.



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