Trending Accent Chair Styles for 2024

Trending Accent Chair Styles for 2024


  1. Barrel Chairs
  2. Wingback Chairs
  3. Swivel Chairs
  4. Other Trending Accent Chair Styles
  5. Incorporating Trending Accent Chairs into Your Décor
  6. Conclusion

From cozy barrel chairs to sleek mid-century modern designs, accent chairs are taking center stage in living spaces as statement-making focal points. As we approach 2024, keep an eye out for versatile, fashion-forward accent chair styles that can transform your home's aesthetic. Thoughtfully placed accent chairs create intimate spaces for relaxing, add sculptural beauty, and provide opportunities to inject dashes of color or texture. When purchasing new accent chairs, consider your existing layout and furniture arrangements to seamlessly integrate these eye-catching seats into a cohesive look. Swap out accent chairs seasonally to refresh your decor over time. With the right accent chair that speaks to your personal style, you can elevate your living room or bedroom from basic to beautiful. In this blog post, we'll highlight some of the most popular modern accent chair trends and provide expert tips on gracefully working them into your home.

Barrel Chairs

Barrel chairs are known for their curved back and seat, which envelop the sitter in an immersive, cocoon-like seating experience. The design offers excellent support for the entire back, including the lumbar region. These chairs often feature generous seat proportions, allowing for comfortable lounging with legs outstretched. The armrests are usually at the same height as the back, making them perfect for propping up your arms while reading.

If you're looking for a barrel chair that adds a touch of elegance and functionality, consider the Ambre Swivel Accent Chair by CHITA LIVING. Priced at $499.99, this chair not only offers the comfort and support typical of barrel chairs but also features a 360° swivel design. It's available in a vibrant yellow color, making it a dramatic focal point against neutral backdrops.

Ambre Accent Chair Shooting by @amberdenae

Barrel chairs work excellently as stand-alone statement pieces, especially in empty corners or near windows. Their rounded silhouette contrasts beautifully against hard angles in a room. For a coordinated look, you can pair them with other curved furniture like round coffee tables. Richly colored options in jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue can make dramatic focal points in any setting.

Wingback Chairs

The iconic wingback chair gets its name from the wing-shaped sides that flank both sides of the backrest. These wings create a sense of privacy and seclusion when seated in a wingback chair. The wings block peripheral distractions so you can focus on what's in front of you. This makes wingback chairs ideal for placing near fireplaces in living rooms as cozy spots for fireside reading.

Traditional wingback chairs feature carved wooded frames, button tufting, and claw foot legs. Contemporary iterations replace heavy wooden frames with sleek metal bases in polished chrome or gold. The minimalist frames place emphasis on the opulent upholstery fabric rather than ornate woodworking. Metallic legs lend a subtle touch of glam that allows wingback chairs to transition from traditional to modern with ease.

Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs like the Lindy Tufted Swivel Accent Chair by CHITA LIVING offer dynamic, multi-directional seating with a full 360-degree spin. This chair not only aligns with the functional aspects of swivel chairs but also adds an aesthetic touch with its timeless neo-classical design and button tufting. Its sturdy birch wood base in walnut color is streamlined and doesn't protrude outward, aligning with the recommendation for a solid base.

Lindy Accent Chair Shooting by @cozyandcalmliving

The Lindy chair features a curved back and seat, enhancing the sense of fluid, unrestricted movement as you swivel around. Its gracefully arched back and rounded seat minimize visual heaviness, making it an excellent choice for family rooms or home theater seating areas. Available in faux leather and OEKO-TEX® certified fabric options, it offers stain-resistant, easy-clean features, perfect for game-watching or group gatherings.

Bouclé Chairs

Bouclé fabric has a distinct textured appearance from knotted yarn loops. Chairs upholstered in bouclé make a bold visual statement with their highly textured, wooly fabric. Bouclé chairs often feature exaggerated proportions like oversized, enveloping backs and wide, comfortable seats. These supersized silhouettes make them ideal statement pieces. Earthy neutrals like ivory and caramel suit the organic texture of the bouclé.

Jolie Boucle Accent Chair shooting by @nicolemarie.home


Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Mid-century modern chairs typically reflect sleek, unfussy design principles. They often feature armless designs or slender tapered armrests, angled and tapered wooden legs for a sense of lightness, and low, reclined backrests for relaxed lounging. If you're looking to mix in some dynamic seating options, consider something like the Eli Swivel Counter Stool by CHITA LIVING. While not a chair in the traditional sense, this stool offers a 360-degree swivel feature and a padded seat, aligning with the mid-century modern aesthetic in its own unique way. It's a versatile piece that can complement other retro touches like teak sideboards, sculptural floor lamps, and abstract art prints.

Eli Counter Stool shooting by @cavieinteriors

Scandinavian Chairs

Scandinavian accent chairs often feature gently curved, minimalist wooden frames supplemented by a single-seat cushion. The light wood tones embody Scandinavian design's bright, airy aesthetic. Natural rush or rattan seats add organic texture. Use these chairs to warm up sleek, contemporary spaces with a touch of understated, Nordic-inspired elegance.

Rattan Chairs

From swivel chairs to egg chairs, rattan furniture offers textural appeal. Interwoven rattan in natural wood tones gives off breezy, beach house vibes. Painted rattan in shades like Robin's egg blue contributes colorful character. Use rattan chairs indoors as well as outdoors on covered patios or porches. The weather-resistant material stands up well in various environments.

The natural rattan color has more affinity.
Julane Cane Armchair shooting by @lindavater

When purchasing and placing accent chairs in your interior design, there are some key considerations to ensure they enhance your living space:

  • Evaluate Furniture Arrangements

Take into account existing furniture placement when deciding where to put new accent chairs. Avoid blocking frequently used doorways or pathways. Measure to ensure enough clearance around chairs for comfortable mobility.

  • Create Intimate Spaces

Use an accent chair facing inward in corners to establish intimate reading nooks or solo lounge spaces away from main foot traffic. The enclosing walls help define the chair's space.

  • Balance Heights

If your sofa or other main seating has low profiles, choose an accent chair with more verticality in its silhouette to add height variation. Tall-backed accent chairs prevent uniform heights from flattening visual interest.

  • Rethink Pairs

Rather than buying two matching accent chairs, consider two complementary chairs in different but coordinating styles, colors, or fabrics. The mix looks more collected and eclectic.

  • Define Areas in Open Plans

Carve out purposeful zones like workspaces or dining areas in large, open-concept rooms by anchoring relevant accent chairs there. The chairs establish the spaces' boundaries.

  • Draw the Eye

Use bold, vividly colored accent chairs as focal points to draw attention to specific spots you want to highlight, like by a window with a scenic view. The eye gravitates toward the color contrast.

  • Rotate Seasonally

Rotate accent chairs from room to room seasonally to inject visual freshness. A chair that looks worn or dull in the living room might revitalize a bedroom. Change up chair placements regularly.


Accent chairs continue to grow in popularity as people discover innovative ways to utilize them in living spaces. Barrel, wingback, and swivel chairs are just some of the trending accent chair styles for the 2024 interiors.

When thoughtfully integrated into a room's layout and design concept, accent chairs become beautiful additions that provide comfort while making decorating statements. As you plan furniture upgrades this year, consider introducing some fresh, fashionable accent chairs at CHITA LIVING that align with your personal taste and lifestyle needs.

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