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Fabric or Leather? How to Choose..
September 9, 2021 CHITALIVING

Fabric or Leather? How to Choose..

CHITA offers a wide selection of fabrics, as well as top-grain and vegan leathers. Each material has its own benefits; selecting the right one depends on personal preference. If you...

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  • CHITA Bed-In-A-Box
    December 15, 2021 ChengCassie

    Mattress Unboxing Instructions

    All CHITA mattresses ship straight to your door rolled in a box. This allows for easy delivery and maneuvering in small spaces or carrying upstairs.* Follow these simple steps: Step 1: Unbox Lay the box down. Carefully open one end...

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  • Barstool Buying Guide
    September 8, 2021 CHITALIVING

    Barstool Buying Guide

    For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Thus, the counter becomes a place for breakfast, homework, and parties on the weekend. Consequently, finding the right barstool is extremely important. CHITA barstools offer style, functionality, and durability...

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