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How to Choose a Glider for Your Nursery?


  1. Why Invest in a Nursing Glider?
  2. Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Nursing Glider
  3. Nursing Glider Alternatives if Budget Is a Concern
  4. Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

Setting up the perfect nursery includes finding comfortable, functional furniture like cribs, changers, and seating. One key investment many parents make is in a high-quality nursing glider chair. But is this a necessary purchase or just an extra baby item to clutter your space?

This post will explore the unique benefits of nursery gliders versus other seating options. We'll examine what features matter most when selecting a chair for nursing and soothing a baby. We'll also offer alternatives if a dedicated glider doesn't fit your budget or needs.

Read on for guidance on finding the ideal nursing glider that helps make nursing and bonding with your newborn baby easier.

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Why Invest in a Nursing Glider?

Nursery gliders provide tailored comfort and support for the unique needs of nursing mothers. Here are some key advantages over standard chairs:

  • Optimized Ergonomics - Gliders properly align the body to avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain during long feeding sessions.
  • Soothing Motions - The gentle gliding rhythm helps lull babies to sleep while allowing moms to rest their arms.
  • Convenience - Gliders keep all essentials handy in the nursery for easy late-night changing and feeding.
  • Versatility - The comfortable seat accommodates nursing, reading, singing lullabies, and spending quality time.
  • Aesthetics - Contemporary gliders come in various styles that enhance the visual appeal of the nursery.

For mothers committed to breastfeeding, a nursery glider's customized support and motion facilitate a positive early feeding experience for both mom and baby.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Nursing Glider

With a myriad of nursery glider options available, focus on models with these features:

  • Padding - Prioritize soft, breathable cushions and lumbar support to maximize comfort during feeding sessions.
  • Adjustability - Look for height adjustment, reclining positions, and 360° swivel to accommodate changing needs.
  • Smoothness - A high-quality steel or hardwood frame and ball bearings ensure gentle, creak-free gliding motions.
  • Upholstery - Performance fabrics that are machine-washable and resistant to stains simplify clean-up of spills.
  • Locks - Sturdy locking mechanisms keep the glider securely in place when stationary.
  • Size - Ensure it fits in your nursery while allowing safe clearance for the gliding motion.

Seeking out designs prioritizing ergonomics, customization, and high-quality materials ensures durable comfort that evolves with your child's needs.

Listen to what this mom has to say about the Tracee nursery recliner.

Nursing Glider Alternatives if Budget Is a Concern

If a dedicated glider is out of your price range, you can create a functional nursing space with other furniture you already own:

  • Existing Recliner or Armchair - Use additional cushions for support and consider adding a detachable footstool.
  • Couch or Sofa - Place pillows strategically for extra comfort and support. Favor deeper seats and higher armrests.
  • Basic Chair - A pillow on your lap and a nursing pillow on the seat pad can compensate for the lack of cushions.

Getting creative with household items you have on hand helps maximize resources. Focus on adequate back support and ergonomics rather than a perfect resemblance to a glider.

Delaney Modualr Sofa with Tracee Recliner

Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

When deciding on nursery seating, consider your personal needs and values. Gliders offer customized amenities that make nursing more comfortable. But your existing furniture may work fine with small upgrades.

Assess what will best support your breastfeeding journey – whether investing in a high-quality glider, temporarily adapting current seating, or a combination. Don't underestimate the perks of specialized nursing chairs, but also know that any stable, comfortable seat can suffice when needed.

If ongoing comfort is a priority, but the price is prohibitive, seek sales, buy discounted floor models, or consider a second-hand option to enjoy the benefits without overspending. With some savvy shopping and creative adjustments, you can find seating that gets the job done affordably!

Most importantly, you and your baby feel relaxed and content during feeding time – regardless of the chair you use. Don't be afraid to test different options and get creative until you discover what works best!

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