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Recliners vs. Glider Recliners: What's the Difference?


  1. Introduction
  2. How Recliners and Glider Recliners Work
  3. Key Differences
  4. Choosing What's Right For You
  5. Additional Considerations
  6. Conclusion


When you walk into a furniture showroom and see rows of plush reclining chairs, it may seem like they all blend. But there are important distinctions between standard recliners and glider recliners that impact comfort and cost. Understanding the key differences will ensure you choose the right relaxation chair to sink into at home.

How Recliners and Glider Recliners Work

Both recliners and glider recliners feature adjustable backs that can recline fully while elevating your feet on an extendable ottoman. That allows transitioning seamlessly from an upright to a laid-back lounging position. The mechanism is typically operated through side levers, making it easy to find your perfect spot. More advanced electric button control recliners provide even greater ease of use and customization. With just a simple press of a button, you can smoothly glide the backrest back and raise the leg rest up simultaneously.

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Key Differences

Where glider recliners differentiate themselves is the base that allows for a gentle, soothing back-and-forth gliding motion when reclined. You'll hear the faint creak of the gliding mechanism as you rock, lending to the old-time charm of gliders. Standard recliners remain stationary when reclined.

This gliding difference seems subtle at first but significantly impacts the overall relaxation sensation and experience. The rhythmic movement helps melt tension away and lull you into deeper tranquility. It's no wonder many people become lifelong glider recliner enthusiasts after first experiencing the calming, swaying comfort.

Choosing What's Right For You

  • Consider desired comfort features: Both recliners feature wide, overstuffed cushions that envelop you. Look for generously padded seats and armrests that provide ergonomic support in the lumbar and neck areas. Your feet will thank you for an ottoman long enough to accommodate without cramping. High-end models have extra touches like pillow top cushioning and memory foam to perfectly cradle pressure points. A well-made recliner or glider conforms to your body, making it difficult to leave when it's time to get up!
Comfortable lumbar support on the recliner


    • Decide if gliding motion is appealing: Glider bases stand out when inspecting frames with the slightly more intricate construction needed to enable smooth, stable gliding. Strong steel connectors and fasteners allow just the right amount of movement without creaks or swaying too far. Sturdy glider mechanisms are built to last through years of gentle use.
    • Think about available space: The market has expanded to offer smaller space-saving glider recliner options and large oversized gliders that accommodate multiple people. There's a perfect size to integrate seamlessly into your existing space – no more bulky eyesores. You'll also find diverse upholstery fabrics ranging from basic microfibers to plush chenille, soft faux leathers, cozy plaid prints, and more. Finishes like cherry wood or bronze-coated feet add tasteful accents. Custom upholstery allows matching your room's color palette or patterned decor precisely.
      • Set a budget: While you can find basic manual recliners for around $300, expect most quality glider recliners to start around $400-500. The more intricate construction accounts for the increase. But rest assured, the improvement in deep relaxation and comfort is well worth the investment. Shop the CHITA recliner sale now!

        Additional Considerations

        Rocker recliners are a third variety that uses a rocking mechanism like traditional rocking chairs. So if you don't want a full recline, rocker recliners allow rocking while seated upright. The motion differs from true gliders' slow, smooth glide but still provides soothing movement.

        Space-saver "wall hugger" recliners are also popular for smaller rooms. Their movement mechanism requires minimal distance from walls when reclined, making placement easier. And power lift chairs feature buttons allowing you to recline and rise to a standing position at the touch of a button. By the way, we will launch these two high-quality new products in the next quarter. Let 's wait and see!

        When choosing the right model, consider your interior decor and the placement in the room. Glider movement requires more breathing room than stationary recliners to accommodate the gliding motion. Be sure to test glide smoothness and ensure chair arms don't hit walls on the backswing.

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        If tranquil gliding sounds appealing, the extra investment is worthwhile. There are few better ways to unwind than feeling the gentle sway of a well-made glider recliner. It'll become your go-to spot to destress and escape hectic days.

        For many shoppers, the decision ultimately comes down to serene gliding comfort vs. practical stationary support. While budget is a consideration, you can't put a price on years of deep relaxation and peace.


        In conclusion, while standard recliners and glider recliners both deliver exceptional relaxation, gliders stand out with their gentle rocking motion. The gliding mechanism costs more and requires additional space but provides an unparalleled soothing experience.

        Consider your budget, room size, and desire for motion when deciding. For devotees of serene swaying support, glider recliners are well worth the difference. At the end of a long day, few things can compete with sinking into the cradle of comfort that only a glider provides as it rocks you blissfully to sleep.

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