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Time for a Change: Tips for Updating Your Old Dining Room


  1. Introduction
  2. Refresh the Walls
  3. Lighting Sets the Mood
  4. New Flooring Options
  5. Reupholster Your Furniture
  6. Window Treatments
  7. Accessorize With Updates
  8. Open Concept Considerations
  9. Conclusion


Kitchens and bathrooms tend to get all the love when it comes to home renovations and upgrades. The dining room often gets overlooked and forgotten until it feels completely outdated and tired. Signs it may be time to show your dining room some attention include stained or torn wallpaper, dingy lighting fixtures, and furniture that has seen better days.

Updating your dining room doesn't require a complete gut renovation. You can give this special gathering space a fresh new look with some strategic changes. Read on for tips to breathe new life into your outdated dining room.

Refresh the Walls

Replacing worn wallpaper or dated paint hues is one of the easiest ways to revive your dining room. Neutral shades of cream, gray, or taupe create an airy backdrop, while deeper hues like navy or emerald green add drama. For textural interest, install wood paneling or shiplap planks.

If you have wallpaper in good shape, consider layering it with paintable wallpaper on top for dimension. Carefully remove glue residue and patch holes before painting or applying new wallpaper for the smoothest finish.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting has a major impact on the ambiance of a space. Replace a dated overhead chandelier or fluorescent box fixture with a stylish new pendant light or sparkling crystal chandelier. Install dimmer switches for greater control over the mood lighting.

Incorporate strategically placed sconces, picture lights, or track fixtures to illuminate artwork or architectural details for extra brilliance. Smart switches allow you to control new dining room lighting with voice commands or your phone.

Light up the mood.@thecoupleacrewood

New Flooring Options

Worn carpeting or scuffed hardwood floors make a dining space feel tired. Refinishing existing wood can help restore its natural luster and color. For dramatic change, replace carpeting with new hardwood or alternatives like tile, laminate, or vinyl plank flooring.

Layering an area rug over carpeting or wood flooring is another way to update the look. Use a rug larger than your table to define the dining zone. Choose kid-friendly machine-washable rugs for families.

Reupholster Your Furniture

A dining set just needs minor upgrades to feel fresh again. Reupholstering the chair seats in a new fabric goes a long way. Or give wood chairs a makeover with stain or a coat of paint in an on-trend hue.

Replace seat cushions with brighter colors and patterns for a quick change. Add or replace chair end caps and feet to update the leg silhouettes. Protect tabletops with table pads in leather or felt.

Particular suggestions include:

  • Reupholstering the seats of your chita dining chairs with new fabric is an easy way to refresh the dated look.
  • Apply a new stain, paint, or on-trend color to wood chita counter & bar stools to give them a stylish modern look.
Shop the same style: Lovy dining chair

    Window Treatments

    Heavy draperies can make a dining space feel overly formal and outdated. Upgrade to breezy linen curtains in neutral solids or subtle prints. For privacy and light filtering, install affordable roller shades. Room-darkening cellular shades provide blackout options.

    Measure windows carefully to determine the right window treatment sizes and lengths. Hire a pro for perfectly tailored curtains and shades customized to your space.

    Accessorize With Updates

    Incorporate updated decor and accessories to give your dining room a fresh feel. Swap traditional landscape paintings for oversized modern art or abstract prints. Introduce smart tech like a voice assistant or phone charging station.

    Display fresh flowers or candles for ambiance. Add a stylish console or buffet table for extra serving space. Layer on a natural fiber rug in jute or sisal for texture contrast.

    Enhance the space with accessories.@metals.and.magnolias

    Open Concept Considerations

    Consider opening the dining room to adjacent living areas for more seamless entertaining. Removing walls requires construction work but makes spaces feel larger and more cohesive. If keeping walls, opening sightlines with oversized archways creates flow.

    Also, blend dining with surrounding spaces through coordinated elements like matching light fixtures, window treatments, and flooring styles. Continuing chair rail trim or baseboards also promotes harmony.


    Breathing new life into a tired, outdated dining room is simple with strategic updates like refreshed walls and floors, new lighting, stylish window treatments, and updated furniture. Layer modern accessories and tech features to revamp the ambiance without breaking the bank. Take your time to craft the dining oasis your home deserves. Your next family gathering or dinner party will feel like stepping into a new space.

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