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What Should You Consider When Buying a Lift Chair Recliner for the Elderly?


  1. Introduction
  2. What Are the Differences Between Standard Recliners and Lift Chair Recliners?
  3. Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Lift Chair
  4. A Top Recommendation for the Elderly
  5. Conclusion


A lift chair recliner is a special type of reclining armchair designed specifically for the elderly and those with limited mobility. What makes a lift chair different from a standard recliner is that it uses an internal motor to gently raise and tilt the entire chair forward. This lifting motion brings the person to a near-standing position with less effort needed on their part. For seniors or people with disabilities that make standing up difficult, a lift chair can help provide greater independence. The lifting function makes the sit-to-stand transition much easier and safer compared to using a traditional recliner.

This blog post will clearly explain the key differences between standard recliners and lift chair recliners. We'll discuss the most important factors to consider when purchasing a lift chair for yourself or an elderly loved one. By the end, you'll understand why lift chairs are so beneficial for those with mobility challenges and how to choose the right lift chair to improve their quality of life.

What Are the Differences Between Standard Recliners and Lift Chair Recliners?

Several major differences distinguish lift chairs from more standard recliner armchairs.

  • First, lift chairs provide much more customized recline and lift positioning options tailored to the user's specific needs. While a typical recliner may have 2 or 3 set recline positions, a lift chair allows incremental adjustments to find the right recline angle. Even more importantly, the lifting function raises the chair to gently tip the person forward to aid in standing. Standard recliners do not provide this critical lift capability.
  • In addition to more adjustable positions, lift chairs are engineered to support much higher weights than regular recliners. With sturdier frames and more durable fabrics, lift chairs can sometimes accommodate users up to 350 This improved stability gives important support and security. Lift chairs also include motorized mechanisms to smoothly transition between sitting, reclining, and lifted positions. This is powered by pressing a control button, unlike manual reclining in standard chairs.
  • Safety is another major upside to lift chairs. They incorporate design features like emergency battery backups in case of a power outage to avoid leaving someone stranded in a raised position. There are also mechanisms to prevent unintended motion for more security. Lift chairs provide a much safer experience than standard recliners without these considerations.
  • While standard recliners may prioritize a stylish or sleek aesthetic, lift chairs are deliberately designed for accessibility, support, and ease of use over appearance. Rather than having plush upholstery or lavish finishes, lift chairs use high-grade, durable fabrics and sturdier builds. This practical design focuses on giving the best assistance possible to the user over looking fashionable in one's living room.
  • Lastly, lift chairs are built to last. They have metal frameworks, thick padding, and reinforced fabrics that outlast conventional recliner materials. The improved durability provides years of reliable use.

    Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Lift Chair

    When investing in a lift chair for an elderly loved one or yourself, there are several variables to consider when selecting the right model. Comfort features like padding density, cushioning materials, and options like heat/massage settings are important to evaluate, as they will be used routinely. Finding the proper overall size is also imperative - ensuring the chair is broad and tall enough to accommodate the user without being overly spacious.

    Testing out the control functions for lifting, reclining, and achieving customized positions should be done before purchase. Making sure the motions are smooth and intuitive for the user is key. Examining the safety certifications and stability of the frame is advised, as this speaks to the quality of construction. For those concerned with matching a lift chair to their home décor, some customizable aesthetic options like select fabrics and colors may be available.

    One should also research the costs, warranty coverage, and availability of repairs before selecting a specific lift chair model. Comparing warranties between brands can give peace of mind should any defects arise. And knowing repairs can be done locally will ensure the chair stays functional. Doing some due diligence can prevent headaches down the road.

    A Top Recommendation for the Elderly

    One excellent recommendation is the Finley Power Lift Chair Recliner from Chitaliving.

    The infinite reclining positions, from upright to fully laid-back, allow customized comfort, whether watching TV, reading, or napping. The independent backrest and footrest adjustment fit individual preferences. The gentle lift mechanism assists with standing, providing confidence and stability. Unlike some lift chairs, this model does not include swivel or glide functions. The stationary design is actually a benefit, as it provides stability and reduces fall risks that could occur from a rolling or swiveling chair.

    Therapeutic features like heating and massage relax muscles and alleviate chronic back pain, making this the perfect resting place. The contoured seat and waterfall chaise reduce pressure points for all-day comfort.

    Dual storage pockets and controllers keep remotes, phones, and tablets within arm's reach. The USB charger means you'll never run out of battery. Easy to customize, this recliner ensures the elderly feel comfortable, supported, and empowered to move through their day with confidence. It simplifies companionship, becoming a reliable aid for improved quality of life.


    For elderly individuals or those lacking mobility due to disability or injury, a lift chair recliner can greatly improve quality of life by making standing upright much easier and safer. With their customized lift positions, improved stability, motorized controls, and variety of options lift chairs offer key advantages over standard recliners. Considering important factors like comfort, size, safety, and serviceability when purchasing will ensure maximum usability. For those who will benefit from assisted standing, a high-quality lift chair is an investment worth making.

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