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Ivory Color Guide: Unveiling the Beauty of Soothing Off-White


  1. What Color Is Ivory?
  2. What Does the Color Ivory Symbolize?
  3. How to Style With Ivory in Interior Design
  4. Conclusion

Ivory is a timeless neutral color that exudes elegance and sophistication. The creamy off-white tone provides a soothing, peaceful backdrop that allows other colors and textures to take center stage. In this color guide, we will explore the nuances of ivory, what it symbolizes, and how to effectively incorporate it into interior design.

What Color Is Ivory?

Ivory is not a single color but rather a range of creamy off-white hues. It gets its name from the milky white tone of elephant tusks, which were historically used to produce ivory artifacts. True ivory ranges from a very light beige to a warmer yellowish white. It sits between white and beige on the color wheel.

The hex code for ivory is #FFFFF0, however, interior designers today use a wide range of ivory paint colors and fabrics. Popular ivory paint shades include Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036, and Behr Pale Oak S110-2. Ivory upholstery fabrics also vary, with linen, cotton, velvet, and other textiles available.

What Does the Color Ivory Symbolize?

Ivory has accumulated rich cultural symbolism and meanings over time. Its creamy softness is associated with refined luxury and nobility reaching back to ancient times. Ivory artifacts were highly prized by Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. The difficulty of obtaining ivory imbued it with exclusivity.

Today, ivory retains connotations of wealth and aspirational living. It has an airy, ethereal quality reminiscent of clouds or moonbeams. Ivory evokes tranquility and spiritual resonance. The soothing neutral backdrop it creates allows for introspection and clarity.

Ivory is associated with new beginnings, providing a blank canvas full of potential. It is often used in wedding gowns and decor to represent purity and new starts. Ivory is also considered more subtle and gentle than stark white, making it a refined, elegant choice.

How to Style With Ivory in Interior Design

The soothing, welcoming nature of ivory makes it perfectly suited for interior design. Here are some key ways to incorporate ivory décor in a home:

Ivory Living Room Ideas

Paint walls ivory - Painting living room walls with an ivory hue like Benjamin Moore's Classic Gray creates a soft, welcoming backdrop. The light ivory color opens up the space, making it feel more expansive and airier. An ivory wall provides a blank canvas that allows any furnishings or accent colors to take the spotlight.

Choose an ivory sofa - An ivory linen or cotton sofa instantly elevates the look of a living room. Ivory sofas feel both relaxing and elegant. They serve as a neutral anchor that allows colorful accent pillows in hues like azure, ochre, and emerald to be layered in. An ivory sofa with dark wood legs provides contrast.


Kinslee Sofa in Ivory


Add ivory curtains - Hanging ivory linen or cotton curtains filters natural light beautifully in a living room. Ivory curtains in a floor-to-ceiling style also lend privacy while still allowing light to filter through. The soft ivory color is soothing and provides an elegant frame for windows.

Accessorize with ivory accents - Using decorative objects like vases, sculptures, trays, and bowls in hues of ivory is an easy way to pull together a cohesive look. Ivory pillows with texture, ivory ceramic lamps, ornate ivory frames, and ivory wool rugs add visual interest while keeping with the tranquil vibe.

Ivory Dining Room Ideas

Choose an ivory dining table - An ivory dining table immediately gives the space a clean, sophisticated appearance. Ivory dining tables feel refined but also relaxed so guests feel at ease. An ivory pedestal table or one with ornately carved legs allows dining chairs or tablescapes to be the focal point.

Add ivory dining chairs - Ivory linen upholstered dining chairs complement an ivory table nicely. Using all ivory for the dining furniture creates a peaceful, cocooning feeling for guests. For variation, upholster seat backs in ivory but leave wooden legs exposed.

Accessorize with ivory accents - Use ivory cotton placemats, linen napkins in a contrasting color like navy, and ivory porcelain floral centerpieces to finish the dining room look. Short ivory candles in glass vessels or heirloom ivory china dinnerware are elegant dining accents. The light ivory backdrop allows the food and conversation to take center stage.


Ivory is a timeless neutral color that feels refined, elegant, and soothing. Incorporating ivory into interior design provides a beautiful, welcoming backdrop that celebrates pure simplicity. From calming living rooms to formal dining rooms, ivory allows the people, furnishings, and conversation to take center stage. With its rich history and cultural cachet, the creamy off-white tones of ivory will always remain in style.

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